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Good Good Energy is Lark’s sixth release, an organic indie-pop track infused with a killer groove, embellished with tasty breaks and topped with psychadelic pop sprinkles. Overflowing with optimism, the track’s inspiring lyrics will resonate with listeners across the globe and make this an absolute must-listen.


Lark is a fearless and dynamic music artist whose unmistakable style is influenced by the icons of her upbringing. Growing up, the boldness of 1984 Madonna, the glamour and attitude of KISS, and the infectious pop melodies of ABBA created a musical foundation that continues to shape Lark's artistic expression today. 

With a rich background in the live music touring circuit, Lark has honed her craft on stages around the world. Her undeniable talent and dedication have propelled her to achieve incredible success, including two number one singles on the Euro Indie Music Chart and a number one single on the World Indie Music Charts. Not content to be confined to a single medium, Lark has also ventured into the realm of television and film sync, where her music has found a home and added an electrifying touch to beloved visuals. 

In addition to her accomplishments as an artist, Lark has taken on the role of mentor through her YouTube series, providing guidance and inspiration to emerging talents in the music world. Her genuine passion for nurturing the next generation of artists shines through as she shares her knowledge and experiences, helping others find their voice and embrace their unique sound.


Unapologetically herself, Lark has embraced her journey of self-discovery, love, and pop music. Join Lark as she continues to push the boundaries of her own artistry, evolving, and exploring new sonic territories. Prepare to be captivated by an artist who fearlessly rocks the stage and ignites the spirit of her audience.

Experience the euphoria of Good Good Energy, out now on radio and available on all major streaming platforms.


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